Church Security & Surveillance

An audible tone signals activity and highlights the area being accessed

Be free to keep your church open with church security camera systems

“Excellent...again! We’d been researching other companies for our video security system. Power Sound did such a wonderful job with our new sound system, we knew we wanted them, hands down, for the security project also. Having cameras at all entrances provides a real sense of security. The PSNE team is great. (They) really listened to our concerns and needs and responded to them. Very professional.” ~ Rev. Don Gauthier Jr., OLOM, N. Conway, NH

Entrance camera is capable of recording in daylight or total darkness

Be more open with church security and surveillance

Church security systems for house of worship provide the ability to be open for the parishioners more hours, more days. Never have worshipers needed their faith and their houses of worship as much as now. Yet today, for security and due to streamlined staffing schedules, most churches keep locked doors at all times. Let us help you overcome these contrasting needs.

Video cameras for church security with digital video recorders (DVRs) provide parishes a built-in security and surveillance system. Feel secure and rest assured that your church, rectory, offices, classrooms, and exterior spaces are protected 24/7 with a customized security system. Cameras also offer transparency in closed-door meeting rooms while allowing for private conversations between clergy and congregation members to stay private.

Digital video camera features

Planning for more security is essential. Church Security and digital on-screen playback systems offer ways to record chosen areas and review whenever needed.  With multiple angle views and programmable multi-day recording, parish buildings will always be protected. New church security system feature include the ability to record on demand, at pre-programmed times or 24/7. Optionally, you can also record sound.

Multipurpose video projection

You can use the same video recording system to record worship services. This is ideal for posting to your websites, live streaming, or broadcasting to overflow areas. This way anyone, anywhere, can watch and share online worship.

Flexible monitoring of your security and surveillance system

Using church security with video surveillance you can monitor church or school spaces. You can see it in real time on your smartphone, laptop or desktop monitor 24/7, or review recorded DVR footage.

Let your church be more open. Know it’s safe.

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