Church Audio Visual Systems Installation

Sound system installation is tailored to the unique attributes of each worship space

AV installation of church video projection system at a Massachusetts church

Programmed for individual sound scenarios means that with one easy dial you have the right sound, every time

"Our experience working with Power Sound on our screen and projection system was great! The congregation has given rave reviews to how it all looks and I'm looking forward to how this new technology will help us reach people in new ways. I recommend Power Sound to any church-- easy to work with, great quality and the right price!"
~ Pastor David Watermulder; Providence Presbyterian Church

Church video projection and sound system installation

You know your worship environment in unique. You know it comes with a particular set of challenges for your public address and video applications. As a trusted regional AV installation and design company, PSNE has more than 40 years of experience in a host of acoustical environments. This gives us a comprehensive understanding of audio visual system design/installation needs for the unique characteristics of worship spaces. This translates to effective, attractive professional AV systems crafted and installed to meet the individual needs of each church we customize audio and video applications for.

Church spaces need specialized installation treatments

There are approximately ten different church architectural designs; examples include Gothic, Victorian, and Roman. Each of these styles is vastly different from the next. At PSNE we have extensive professional knowledge particular to each. This gives us a comprehensive understanding of your church space. Our specialized experience and mechanical understanding of these church spaces is an important facet of our church sound installation and video projection installation expertise.

Technology meets aesthetics with PSNE AV installation

Worship spaces are beautiful. We want to be sure they stay that way. Installation of custom components is an artful matter as well as a technological one. We custom paint speaker and projector casings to match the surfaces where they are mounted; whether a two-tone mix of wall and wainscoting or marble columns. We install projectors with mountings designed to match lighting fixtures or beams where they’re mounted. You can rest easy knowing you won’t have to comprise great looks for great sound!

We understand worship

Any company can install parts. Knowing liturgy and the specific aspects of worship is what makes our audio visual design and installation projects so effective and so popular within the worship community. Having a real-life understanding of worship allows PSNE to design custom church AV installations.

Professional product lines

To accommodate the acoustical and architectural attributes of each church space we carry all professional brands of professional audiovisual equipment. This ensures your audio and/or video project will be tailored specifically to your goals for the system and the spaces where it will be installed.

PSNE Audio Visual Systems are carefully crafted by a team with more than seven decades of combined experience. We use the latest computer-aided design methods, combined with real on-the-job experience, to ensure that each system is customized to meet every customer’s individual vision. Envision the way you want your church audio and video systems to perform…and the way you want them to look. We’ll articulate your vision, creating a high-performance, integrated system that gives you the technology and tools to deepen the connection to for your congregation.

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Featured PSNE AV Installation Project: Custom video projection for Eliot United Methodist Church in Maine

Visually discreet: Screen casing matches wall surface and projector is mounted in front of ceiling speakers

Custom church video projection featuring one center mounted retractable screen

AV installation: Close-up of projection screen casing

Video projection for sanctuary and overflow

The Reverend Dr. Ronald Messer, parish pastor, wanted a way to keep focus at the altar. The custom church video projection system offers a solution. Featuring a silent retractable, motorized screen and high resolution projector, it can be used to display hymns, liturgy, religious imagery, and special messages in the sanctuary. We also installed a video camera to record services for display onto monitor in remote locations providing an effective solution for overflow and Sunday School spaces.

To learn how video applications can benefit your worship space, call us: 800.544.0108.

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